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Ton-Bridge new generation of Flow Diverter

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Flow Diverter consists of a self-expanding cylindrical stent and a delivery system. The stent is mounted on the delivery system and preloaded inside a guiding sheath. The device can be delivered via a 0.021’’/0.027’’ microcatheter (depending on device size). The diameter ranges from 2.5 to 6.5 mm and the length from 10 to 50 mm. By implantation of the device, it covers the neck of aneurysm, induces disruption of flow around the neck while diverting flow away from the aneurysm into the vessel. This results in aneurysm thrombosis followed by shrinkage of the aneurysm.

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● Product Use

Flow Diverter is a new generation of flow diverter intended for large and giant aneurysms treatment. 

● Product Superiority

Flow Diverter comprises the advanced technology in the field of neurovascular aneurysm treatment. It has several unique key features.

·Varied braided strands number
Based on stent size, the number of braid wires are different. While the 2.5- to 3.5-mm devices have 48 braided wires, the 4.0- to 5.5-mm devices have 72 braided wires, and 6.0- to 6.5-mm devices have 96 braided wires, providing a uniform pore density over different stent sizes. This varied braided strands number design also minimizes the foreshortening during implantation.

·Flared ends
Both ends of Kirin® are flared 45 degrees roughly. It allows Kirin® can act as an “anchor” to attach on the vascular wall. In other words, it stabilizes the stent when the stent is impacted by the incoming blood flow.

·Filaments’ Closed-loop
The filaments at the distal end of Kirin® form closed loops. These closed-loops can protect patient’s artery from puncturing caused by exposed filaments’ ends, especially when stent is pushed outside a microcatheter.

·Mixed braiding strategy
Thick filaments are braided together with fine filaments. Mixed braiding strategy balanced the vessel wall adaptability and radial strength.

·Full-length Visibility
Stent is fully constructed of Nitinol wires with a platinum core, which gives a better visibility under X-ray compared to wrapping two visible wire around the stent.

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