Stent Retriever Thrombite™ Clot Retriever Device Revascular

Short Description:

Helical Open-side Structure

Higher Acute Recanalization Rate

The Thrombite Clot Retriever Device, Featuring S-shaped Helical Open-side Structure, Is Designed For More Efficient Clot Removal And Optimum Revascularization In A Wide Range Of Vessels.

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● Product Features

Helical open-side structure

Enables thrombite™ retriever to efficiently entwine and clamp the clot

Assures clot retention for confident removal and revascularization

Overlapped stent at the helical open-side structure

Increases contact surface with thrombus and maximize clot integration


Eexcellent flexibility and vessel wall apposition

Optimizes clot retention during smooth navigation through the tortuous anatomies

Radial force

High radial force is designed for clot integration at the initial stage of stent expansion

Low radial force at nominal stent diameter ensures atraumatic retrieval

● Product Advantages

The outstanding structure design provides great performance in clot retention and acute recanalization which can effectively reduce the incidence of distal embolism.

Available small size helps the treatment of distal small vessel embolism especially for vessel around 1.5mm diameter.

30mm long stent working length is capable for the lesions with heavy thrombotic load in internal carotid artery and middle cerebral artery. 

● Ordering Information Of Clot Retrieval Device

Product Structure


Product Parameters

Outer Diameter(Fr/mm) Inner Diameter Working Length(cm) Tip Shape
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 95 Straight
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 105 Straight
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 115 Straight
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 95 MPD(Multipurpose D)
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 105 MPD(Multipurpose D)
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 115 MPD(Multipurpose D)
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 95 MPD(Multipurpose C)
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 105 MPD(Multipurpose C)
6/2.00 0.071/1.80 115 MPD(Multipurpose C)
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 95 Straight
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 105 Straight
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 115 Straight
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 95 MPD(Multipurpose D)
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 105 MPD(Multipurpose D)
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 115 MPD(Multipurpose D)
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 95 MPD(Multipurpose C)
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 105 MPD(Multipurpose C)
7/2.30 0.078/1.98 115 MPD(Multipurpose C)

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