Coil Embolization Gekko™ Aneurysm Coils Neuro Embolization

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The Ton-Bridge Gekko™ Aneurysm Coils are specially designed for the endovascular coil embolization of arteriovenous fistulas and malfomations. Ton-bridge Coil Family provides the complex coils (3D) and helical coils(2D) to enhance the ability of farming, filling and durable aneurysm closure.

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● Product Features

Horizontal throwing design of hypo tube

● Proximal section: hard and strong torsional force

● Middle section: gradual transition section

● Distal section: Soft and flexible to pass through the cranial segment

Coil Embolization Gekko™ Aneurysm Coils Neuro Embolization12
Coil Embolization Gekko™ Aneurysm Coils Neuro Embolization12

Minimize the length of detaching area

● The length of Gekko detaching zone: 1.43mm

To use in the endovascular coil embolization of intracranial aneurysms, such as arteriovenous malformations and arteriovenous fistulae.

● Product Parameters

3D Ton-Bridge Detachable Coil Specifications

Specification Coil shape Diameter
Primay coil diameter
AEC-01-02-S 3D 1mm 2cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-01-03-S 3D 1mm 3cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-01-04-S 3D 1mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-1.5-02-S 3D 1.5mm 2cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-1.5-03-S 3D 1.5mm 3cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-1.5-04-S 3D 1.5mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-02-S 3D 2mm 2cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-04-S 3D 2mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-06-S 3D 2mm 6cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-2.5-04-S 3D 2.5mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-2.5-06-S 3D 2.5mm 6cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-03-04-S 3D 3mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-03-06-S 3D 3mm 6cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-03-08-S 3D 3mm 8cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-3.5-06-S 3D 3.5mm 6cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-3.5-08-S 3D 3.5mm 8cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-3.5-10-S 3D 3.5mm 10cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-04-06-S 3D 4mm 6cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-04-08-S 3D 4mm 8cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-04-10-S 3D 4mm 10cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-04-12-S 3D 4mm 12cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-05-08-S 3D 5mm 8cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-05-10-S 3D 5mm 10cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-05-15-S 3D 5mm 15cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-06-10-S 3D 6mm 10cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-06-15-S 3D 6mm 15cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-06-20-S 3D 6mm 20cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-07-15-S 3D 7mm 15cm 0.32(.0125")mm
AEC-07-20-S 3D 7mm 20cm 0.32(.0125")mm
AEC-07-30-S 3D 7mm 30cm 0.32(.0125")mm
AEC-08-15-S 3D 8mm 15cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-08-20-S 3D 8mm 20cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-08-30-S 3D 8mm 30cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-09-20-S 3D 9mm 20cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-09-30-S 3D 9mm 30cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-10-20-S 3D 10mm 20cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-10-30-S 3D 10mm 30cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-12-30-S 3D 12mm 30cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-12-40-S 3D 12mm 40cm 0.37(.0146")mm
AEC-14-30-S 3D 14mm 30cm 0.37(.0147")mm
AEC-14-40-S 3D 14mm 40cm 0.37(.0148")mm
AEC-16-40-S 3D 16mm 40cm 0.37(.0149")mm
AEC-18-40-S 3D 18mm 40cm 0.37(.0150")mm
AEC-20-50-S 3D 20mm 50cm 0.37(.0151")mm
AEC-22-50-S 3D 22mm 50cm 0.37(.0152")mm
AEC-25-50-S 3D 25mm 50cm 0.37(.0153")mm

Helical Ton-Bridge Detachable Coil Specifications

Specification Coil shape Diameter
Primay coil diameter
AEC-01-01-H Helix 1mm 1cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-01-02-H Helix 1mm 2cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-01-03-H Helix 1mm 3cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-1.5-01-H Helix 1.5mm 1cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-1.5-02-H Helix 1.5mm 2cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-1.5-03-H Helix 1.5mm 3cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-1.5-04-H Helix 1.5mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-01-H Helix 2mm 1cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-02-H Helix 2mm 2cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-03-H Helix 2mm 3cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-04-H Helix 2mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-06-H Helix 2mm 6cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-02-08-H Helix 2mm 8cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-2.5-03-H Helix 2.5mm 3cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-2.5-04-H Helix 2.5mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-2.5-06-H Helix 2.5mm 6cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-2.5-08-H Helix 2.5mm 8cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-03-04-H Helix 3mm 4cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-03-06-H Helix 3mm 6cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-03-08-H Helix 3mm 8cm 0.27(.0106")mm
AEC-04-08-H Helix 4mm 8cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-04-10-H Helix 4mm 10cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-04-12-H Helix 4mm 12cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-05-15-H Helix 5mm 10cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-05-20-H Helix 5mm 15cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-06-20-H Helix 6mm 20cm 0.29(.0115")mm
AEC-07-20-H Helix 7mm 20cm 0.32(.0125")mm
AEC-07-30-H Helix 7mm 30cm 0.32(.0125")mm
AEC-08-20-H Helix 8mm 20cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-08-30-H Helix 8mm 30cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-09-20-H Helix 9mm 20cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-09-30-H Helix 9mm 30cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-10-20-H Helix 10mm 20cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-10-30-H Helix 10mm 30cm 0.33(.0130")mm
AEC-12-30-H Helix 12mm 30cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-12-40-H Helix 12mm 40cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-14-30-H Helix 14mm 30cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-14-40-H Helix 14mm 40cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-16-30-H Helix 16mm 30cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-16-40-H Helix 16mm 40cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-18-40-H Helix 18mm 40cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-20-40-H Helix 20mm 40cm 0.37(.0145")mm
AEC-20-50-H Helix 20mm 50cm 0.37(.0145")mm


● Product Advantages

Unique loop design to conform to the aneurysm shape and effectively fill the space. Easy delivery during framing, filling and finishing.

User-friendly and with great performance during on-going clinical trail.

Board range of 3D and helical sizes provided from 1mm*1cm to 25mm*50cm.

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