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Medical Device TBP-01 Type Medical Aspiration Pump

Short Description:

TBP-01 type medical aspiration pump is a kind of high negative pressure, high flow medical suction equipment driven by the main electricity supply, suitable for hospital general suction, can suck out blood, exudation, pus and other contents in surgery.

Product Detail

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● Product Characteristics

TBP-01 type medical aspiration pump has an overall appearance of smooth curve design, and the overall form presents a simple visual perception, with the characteristics of miniaturization and intelligence. The device is designed to be portable, which allows it to be adapted to a variety of use environments.

● Product Superiority

1、The biggest highlight of the device is that it can achieve pulse suction, which enhance the suction effect of the suction device, and can significantly reduce the operation time.
2、The device is equipped with two control operation methods: mechanical button control and touch screen control, which can be selected by doctors according to their needs, and the two methods can be synchronized for function switching.
3、Meanwhile, the device has four different aspiration functions, which can be adopted to different disease symptoms.

● Product Mix

The device is a kind of duplex piston pump, which provides vacuum via piston movement. There is a check valve design in the pump, which prevents reverse flow, which can be harmful for patients. The twin cylinder design with strong motor can achieve the requirement of high negative pressure and high flow rate, which is a technical highlights for small size medical aspiration pumps.
The device accessories, disposable collection tank, has an internal filter plate, which can filter out the clogs. This design is convenient for doctors to observe the intraoperative condition and postoperative waste treatment, as well as to conduct related medical research. The tank has an internal overflow protection valve, which can prevent the inhaled liquid from entering the middle pipeline of the device. The tank has a filter at the outlet, which can prevent the vacuum pump from being contaminated.

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